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Labor Day is just around the corner, so you may not feel the weather, but consider including the Blue Ridge Parkway when planning your scenic road trip to North Carolina. I love to stand and sit for hours in many places, and I have included a guide that covers a day trip from Asheville to Charlotte. In autumn, apple harvest is also in the Carolinas And now there is a new facility that gives guests a feeling of warmth and tranquility when traveling.

Experience a magnificent scenic loop back into nature that leads from Morganton to the Blue Ridge Mountains and back. Experience the rugged wilderness of Linville Gorge, enjoy views of the waterfalls and circle Lake Jacob far below as you descend into Piedmont before returning to your starting point in Morgantown.

If you're looking for something longer and more versatile in the terrain, the Fonta Flora State Trail connects Morganton and Asheville. The scenic NC 181 South of the Snake takes you 27 miles through the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The opportunity to observe wildlife in the mountains, along with the scenic views of Mt. Pisgah National Forest, is a great opportunity to be part of one of North Carolina's most popular hiking and biking trails.

If you are looking for a great place to stay or are interested in visiting, visit the Morganton and Burke County websites and get directions and save them for future use. If you're more of a visual planner and want to quickly find one of the locations mentioned, I've added a map at the end of this post with a list of activities in and around Morgantown and some great places to go out and do business.

There are a number of state-controlled and operated organizations operating in and around the city, including the Morgantown Police Department, the Morganton County Sheriff's Office, and the Burke County Department of Health. WNC Health Insurance continues to work to help residents and businesses in western North Carolina meet their health needs. Please provide us with your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address if you require health insurance in or around Morgantson, NC. It is a unit of the National Parks Service that maintains the National Historic Landmarks of the National Park Service in the United States and Canada.

Hiking in Morganton, NC is recommended in this post and is part of the Linville Gorge Wilderness Area, which runs 12 miles from Linley Falls to Fonta Flora and includes Table Rock. West North Carolina, including the Blue Ridge Mountains, is part of the larger Appalachian Mountains. It is located in the easternmost part of North America's Great Smoky Mountains National Park system and is located in the Appalachian National Forest.

Inaugurated in June 2005, it is North Carolina's 49th scenic side street and includes the Linville Gorge Blue Ridge Parkway. There is also the Blowing Rock Trail, a one-mile trail from Linley Falls to Fonta Flora, NC.

In Craggy Gardens south of Asheville, they produce a spectacular display of native Catawba rhododendrons every year. The northern edge of Burke County is located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, north of Mt. Pisgah National Park.

Asheville is a no-brainer for a day trip from Charlotte or longer, especially if you're a food and beer fan. This is perhaps one of the most magnificent wineries in North Carolina, and I will definitely be back to find out more. It really gave me a great opportunity to explore some of North Carolina's wine country and there may be only a few other places I've just talked about in this post, about which I can read. Our first stop on our foodie road trip was Bebe Asheville, NC, where there are a number of great restaurants and breweries to read about here, here and here.

To get out in Morganton in a fun way, we went on a day trip to Burke County to do some horse riding and other fun activities. Of course, there is plenty of fun to do in and around Morgantown during the year and at weekends, but apart from the typical holiday activities, riding could be one of the most fun and fulfilling activities you can do in Morgantsown. If you want to visit or move to Morganteon, NC, at any time and become a resident, you will find that there are many exciting things to see and do there.

Entry is $15, and the ride - which can include a walk through the city and a tour of the Bellevue, Creekside and Mountain View residences. To better understand Morgantown and its history and culture, you should first visit the Center at 110 E. Meeting Street. The tour includes guided tours that will give you the history, culture and history of this small town, as well as some interesting facts about Morganteon.

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More About Morganton