Morganton North Carolina Attractions

Morganton, North Carolina, is one of the state's most popular tourist destinations with more than 2.5 million residents.

Morganton, with its seat on the seat, does not begin with tourists wishing to explore the undulating shores of Lake James or the rugged wilderness of Linville Gorge. The scenic NC 181 South of the Snake takes you 27 miles past the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and waterfalls along the way. From there, the upper Catawba River Trail winds its way for 80 km through the Appalachian Trail System and into the lush, rugged Linville Gorge and its wilderness. Finally, you can take a spin around the lake and look down at Lake James as you descend into Piedmont before returning to your starting point in Morgantown.

Linville Gorge on the Blue Ridge Parkway offers scenic views of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the Appalachian Trail System and the Catawba River. In Craggy Gardens south of Asheville, they produce a spectacular display of the native Catawsba rhododendrons every year. Picturesque North Carolina State Park in Morgantown , N.C. is located north of Interstate 95 and includes the scenic Green River Trail and a variety of hiking and biking trails.

I love to stop and sit for an hour in many places and experience a great nature tour that leads from Morganton to the high Blue Ridge Mountains and back. If you're looking for something longer and more versatile in the terrain, the Fonta Flora State Trail connects Morgantown to Asheville. Remember to include Blue Ridge Parkway in planning a scenic road trip in North Carolina. I # ve included a full-day excursion guide from Asheville to Charlotte in my guide to scenic roads and trails in Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Appalachian Trail System.

Drive - For hiking, a visit to the Bellevue Creekside Residence in Mountain View, a walk in the mountains or a ride on the Blue Ridge Trail in Asheville can be a must.

If you're more of a visual planner and want to quickly find one of the locations listed, see the map below in this post for a list of activities in Morganton and Burke County. If you are interested in hiking, mountain biking or other outdoor activities in the area, the Center at 110 E Meeting Street should be your first stop. Admission is $15 and the tour includes a guided tour that will teach you about the history and history of Morgantown, its history as a tourist destination and some of its current and past attractions.

If you are interested in Morgantown's history and its history as a tourist destination, you can visit Hamilton Williams and see the city's historic buildings.

If you want a low key picnic just for yourself and your loved ones, make sure you stop by Catawba Meadows Park. There is plenty of space to relax on the porch - and you can drive in and out of Asheville, Hickory and the Blue Ridge Parkway in less than an hour. Morganton can look forward to - your - dining experience while enjoying the picturesque views of the city and its historic buildings. You can also walk down to Apple Hill to enjoy a fun and full visit that happens to be right next to one of Morgantown's most popular restaurants.

A great place to stay, check out the Morganton and Burke County website for more information about hotels, restaurants, parks and other local attractions.

North Carolina tourism statistics are compiled by the North Carolina Department of Economic and Community Development and the State Bureau of Tourism. More information about Morganton, Burke County and other counties is available on their websites. Gladys Love, Avery Tillett, edited by William S. Powell, "The North Caroliners: Tourism in the United States and North America, 1895 - 2000" (New York, NY: Public Library of Science, 1997), S., pp. The National Tourist Statistics of the State of North Korea, 1896 - 2001, published in the American Journal of Public Affairs, Vol. 1, Pg. 2, p. 4, by Gladies Love and Avery TT, edited by William S Powell.

The county seat of Burke County, Morganton, is conveniently connected to the major cities of Raleigh, Charlotte, Raleigh - Durham and Charlotte - Chapel Hill and is located in the heart of the westernmost state of North Carolina. It is also home to Blowing Rock, a popular tourist attraction and a major tourist destination in itself.

With so much to do in Morganton, residents of Grace Ridge always seem to have opportunities for fun and adventure. From breathtaking views to hiking, biking and walking trails, the activities of the seniors in the Morgantown area are as varied as the beauty of the surrounding area. Blowing Rock embraces the beautiful Linville Gorge, and of all the places mentioned in the gorge, it is the easiest to reach by car.

More About Morganton

More About Morganton